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I initially got registered in CA but didn't work there not even one day. Because we live in kansas, i got registered in kansas board & working since 1 year. We don't have any plan to move to CA & work there. But my RN license from CA will get expired in june 2009. Since CA is my primary state os registration, for any reference like hospitals, universities or to register in another state they are asking to send a letter from CA but not from CA.

Now please tell me do i need to renew my CA RN License for future purposes. or is there any other choice?

or if i request CA board to keep my license at inactive status, and if i need any reference from CA will they able to do that since i'm on inactive status? in future if i want to work in CA how to reactivate my license?do i need to pay the renewal fee again?

Otherwise if i don't renew or inactivate my license on june 2009 what will happen? can i get any endorsement form or references from CA board in my future?

please kindly answer my questions.

Thanks in advance.



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I would advise you to place your CA license into an inactive status. You will have to pay the required fee and still have to keep up with the CEUs. That way, should you ever need the license again, it will be easy to reactivate it. If you let the license lapse, then you will be required to follow whatever steps are then in place to reinstate your license. I don't understand what you are talking about concerning references. Since you never worked with your license in CA, there are no references to be concerned with. You are building your work and license references in KS.


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Hey Lillyjohn--

Check to see if Kansas has reciprocity with California. In other words, did Kansas require you to retake the NCLEX or did they accept your CA license as proof you passed the NCLEX? If CA and Kansas have reciprocity then you can let the CA license lapse. If you happen to move back to CA, just take your Kansas license to the BRN and reapply. There are fees involved, of course, but there's no need to maintain several state licenses unless you happen to practice in all those states.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you both caliotter3 & Justme for your valuable reply. I have a 5months baby at home that's why i couldn't log on frequently. I apologize for the delayed reply. I'll talk to kansas board of nursing tomorrow. Once again thanks for your reply.

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