CA BRN taking forever!Should I send in my application early??

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I am about to graduate this coming May, and I have heard from some people that graduated last semester that I should send in my application early, because they are STILL waiting for their ATT's. The only people I know who have been able to test from last semester are the ones who sent their paper work in early to the BRN.

Could applying early(before graduation)hurt me in anyway? Or is this really the best thing to do?

If anyone has some input PLEASE let me know!!


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need school's paperwork to verify your info, coursework and then process your ATT, the board wont process anything without it. So wait until your school sent out your grades and sent the application with the money.

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That's what I did...except that it wasn't in CA. But it was no problem.

Besides, the BRN won't accept your transcript from you--they'll only accept it if it comes directly from the school. So waiting for the transcript to be available is pointless. You may as well send your application into the BRN--they just won't issue the ATT until they receive the transcript.


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You should send your application NOW if you live in CA! They can process everything and then they are just waiting on the things from your school. I graduated In june 2013. I sent my application in February 2013. I got my ATT 5 days after i graduated in June once my school processed my grades and all that. If you wait until you graduate then you have to wait for them to process everything.


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Thank you all so much! I feel much more confident now. Our school is kinda lame on helping us out with these things.


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We are sending ours now for graduation in May. That way the BRN has everything except for the list from the school, and can process it from there.

Good luck!


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I can confirm the long wait. I turned in my app the first week of January and still haven't got ten my ATT as of today. Same with 4 of my classmates who turned in theirs at the same time I did

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