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Hey everyone!

I've been a little elusive has kept me busy. I was just wondering...did you al know you can buy your text books from Wal-Mart? I had no clue but by aunt just told me she just bought hers there from last semester. Go to Go to Books then try the title you need. I just found my medical terminology book there for $20 less than what I paid for it at my school book store! My only concern is missing out on the buy back policy...I'm going to try this with one book next sememster and see if my school will buy it back from me so I can get some of my money back. Anyway...I just thought I'd share this.



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Wow, I just checked it out and their prices are a lot cheaper! It's too bad I didn't know this before I graduated, last week!!! :eek:

There are still lots of books I'd like though.

Thanks for the info.


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I don't see why they wouldn't buy it back Bean. My school didn't care where you bought it, as long as it was in good shape.

How I LUUUUUVED book buy back week :D



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Thanks for the tip, Bean 76! Unfortunately, I have to wait until the last minute to get my books because we can't get our financial aid checks until a day or two before school starts. This sucks because I can't read ahead! Oh, well...if I come across some extra money before the fall, I'll definitely go to that Walmart site.

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