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Just wondering where I can view an example of a business plan in nursing? Any suggestions on reading materials such as books, websites, contacts, etc.. that will help me get started... Any insights is greatly appreciated... Thank you in advance.


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A business plan is just that, nursing or not. You will have to customize a plan for your business, but you can easily find examples or books to assist the process. There are a number of standard elements but creativity is a big part if well researched and plausible for something not yet done.


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Thank you for your response. I agree that a big part of a business plan involves well researched process. Sometimes we do not need to reinvent the wheel, there are creative tinkerers, engineers, inventors who tweak or improve (something that already exist!), make something work better, and user friendly...

But it will be great to create something "new" that has never been done... Something worth pondering about! ...


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The Small Business Administration has a business plan template if you register with them for free. They have free mentors & coaches for people trying to start up a business. Great resource.


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Thank you for the post. One day I'll be in business... one of these days! I wish you all the best on your future endeavours...


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The government has a website that helps entrepreneurs develop small businesses. If you go to the US small business administration, they have a "tool" to help you create a business plan, in addition to a number of resources. (click on the left hand-side on the 2nd link to access additional resources for creating the business plan, (i.e. executive summary, market plan, strategic planning, etc.). I've attached their links are below. Please note, this is generic to all businesses, not specifically to nursing business

Hope this helps!

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