Burnt out

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Hi all! I'm new here but I've been a nurse for a little over 11 yrs. I worked my 1st yr of nursing in med surg and the rest of my career has been in OB (LDRP). While many ppl would think it's the dream job...my hearts just not in it anymore. I'm so emotionally and physically tired of everything about nursing. I literally get anxiety on the days I have to go to work. I would honestly like a career change, but with 3 young kids, we can't just afford for me to go back to school. I've been thinking about possibly looking into a job in a clinic. Maybe something outside the hospital would help. I'm just so over the stress of working in a hospital setting, working holidays and weekends, etc etc. Any thoughts?? I also worry if clinics would only look at nurses with a bsn. Though I'm experienced, I only have an ADN. I really dont have the time for school with 3 little ones, and honestly, don't really want to bother with getting one when I feel like I'm already burnt out! Any advice? Just needed to vent...thanks for listening


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Honestly, I think lack of a BSN is likely to be *less* of a barrier versus what you're doing now. Just remember, though, that you could have major problems if you try to get back into the hospital.


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You have nothing to lose by applying to clinic jobs so go for it.