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The unit I had been working for had undergone a major overhaul---in a matter of a year and a half, we have a new boss, AND!from a general medicine unit we are now called "Special Care Oncology Unit" Those who didnt want to be a part of this change, left, and us who decided to stay have to go thru the process of chemocertification and brave this new world of oncology. I stayed because I wanted to give it a try,and just finding out everytime I go to work that this is not for me. To make things not so rosy, there's so much cattiness, back biting, and unhappy RNs in that unit that its taking a toll on me as well. I also had been working a 12 hr shift every weekend only for the past 3 years due to child care issues, and its not helping the situation at all. Is it wise for me to leave my job and take a break-say a month, then start looking for a new nursing post? To be honest, I cant even drag myself to look for another job right now, but Im browsing here and there for job openings. In short, Im a burnt out RN and a run down mom. I would appreciate all the advise/input that I can get.

Thank you!

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Really depends on your finances. The job market out there for RNs is tough, and if you decide to take a month off, it could stretch far, far longer than that due to the job market. If you decide you need to leave your current job, I'd bite the bullet and start applying now, as pretty much any job will take a minimum of a month from application to hire date anyway.

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If you're looking to change jobs, I'd recommend finding a new job BEFORE quitting your current (lousy) job. Since you have some nursing experience already, the Job Search will probably be easier than for a new grad. That being said, though, the job market is pretty lousy now.

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So sorry you have been victimized by badly managed organizational change. Sounds like a "Dilbert" episode.

I agree with previous posters - take whatever action you need to do in order to save yourself. Have you contacted your Human Resources folks to let them know what is going on? Your organization undoubtedly has designated "employee advocate" folks that you can talk to. It may not do any good, but the loss of valuable experienced nurses such as yourself is a very serious problem -- so they may have some options for you to prevent your resignation.

Best of luck to you.


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Thank you for your response. There were few nurses who went to HR to see whats out there for us within the organization if they didnt want to stay in our unit, and the response was, look into the career website. Sadly, it did boil down to -if you cant take it look for another job but dont expect help from us...........and it does make me wonder, is anyone out there looking out for us?

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