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i have a question on burnout... how long does it take to occur? why does it happen? i have been in patient care fore 8 years. i worked on a very busy hem/ onc floor averaging nine to ten patient a night with many pain issues. i feel like i am burnt out. i have recently moved to a different state and job hunting for nursing. i want to fall back in love in nursing. what does one do when burnt out to recover and find a lost passion for helping others.thanks


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I think just starting at a new facility will help, it sounds like you had incrediably high pt loads hopefully your next gig will be more managable. I guess maybe trying a new area of nursing might be a good thing to. Case mgt, ect... there are lots of things to do in nursing. Good luck!

Thank You for the encouragement... patient load was incredible between blood transfusions, chemo, stem cells, and pain management. :uhoh3:


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I find that I'm more invested in my nursing care when I'm doing a good job of taking care of myself. When I work hard to make sure I have enough time to sleep enough, eat properly, spend time with people I love, and have alone time to relax, that's when I feel most capable and willing to give 110% of myself to my work. I wish you lots of luck!

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With all the different opportunities available to nurses, "burnout" should never be an issue. If you are feeling "burned out," then you have let yourself lapse into a state of mediocrity. There are always new things to learn.

I myself have found that I need to change things up about every 6 - 8 years. This can be a change in work hours or change in jobs. Most recently I returned to school for my masters. Nursing is and should be a life time of learning. It is a dynamic profession and if you become stagnant, you will "burn out."