Burned out from my floor


Hello everyone! I am a longtime reader and first time poster today.

I work on a neurology med/surg floor and I have been here for 1 year. When I first started our ratio was 3-4:1 which was great and fine. Recently, our hospital has been making a lot of cuts and put us to a 4-5 ratio. Also, they are getting rid of a lot of resource positions which makes us constantly understaffed. We have had a lot of patient care techs leave too. We always used to have 4 techs on our 44 bed floor and now its almost always just 2.

This has made my job significantly harder and to the point where I feel sick about going into work. I hate that I feel constantly rushed and I never get to spend time with my patients. I feel like I cannot give them the proper care they deserve because I am constantly having to move on to another task. I don't want to say I am burned out but that almost what it is starting to feel like. I love the people I work with but I am starting to think a new job needs to happen.

I was wondering to all you amazing nurses out their if there is any light at the end of the tunnel? Has anyone been on a floor where they don't feel burnt out and could recommend? I am not looking for an easy job but my neuro unit is HARD (physically and mentally). Not saying other units aren't but having to care for confused patients takes a real toll. I am scared almost every day that I will get a combative patient and I just don't think I can work like this anymore.

I just don't know what to do or where to go from here. I want a change but I just don't know where to start.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Do you have any particular interests that you might be in a position to check out? Think about where you want to go with your career and start taking steps towards that.

You're welcome to check out the ED - we have our many issues but the nature of the nursing work is pretty compelling in spite of everything - although it won't offer you any more time with patients or an end to feeling rushed.

You probably should be a little more purposeful in seeking change; by that I mean you don't want to make a frying pan > fire decision just because you're distressed right now, KWIM? Think it through. What truly interests you?

Good luck ~