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I've been a NICU nurse for 19 years. I've been with Kaiser for the last 3 years. I'm thinking about applying for an advice nurse position with Kasier. Has anyone worked for Kaiser as an advice nurse? For all of the telephone triage nurses here, do you like it better than the bedside? What are the pros and cons of your job compared to the bedside?


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I just realized I posted this question here before, but if anyone new cares to reply, that would be great!



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I was recently at a AAACN conference and there were a couple of Kaiser T.T. nurses there... great people, very very professional IMO.

I LOVE T.T.! I was really burned out at bedside nursing and was injured (that's a whole other story!) and my eventual arrival at TT has been a huge blessing.

It's not as easy as it may seem. You need to be computer-competent for one thing. You need great assessment and communication skills. I work in a call center and really enjoy my co-workers... I value them as people hugely, and as great resources, we are continually bouncing ideas off of each other... it takes a year plus to get good at this specialty, as with many others, to appreciate nuances and get to know the software and the system...

Write me if you'd like to talk more.

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Telephone triage with KP on call in both southern as well as Northern Cali. It is a union position and you keep your seniority as well as vacation and sick leave accrued when you transfer over. You will be a level 2 Nurse though not level; 3 (big deal like $1,000) difference.

I worked ED for 12 years Telephone triage x 6yrs 3 1/2 years at home Remote!!!

It is different. Your not walking around all the time

Interactions with Dr.s I may contact 3 a nite? For maybe 30 seconds!

You never deal with visitors!!!

Never have to wash your hands

No risk of needle sticks

No one coughing in your face!

No lifting

You get used to multi tasking. I tell my post op patient I will consult with Surgeon and call him back I hang up with him call Riverside medical center or where ever I page SOD then hang up awaiting his CB in the meantime I have to take another call in the middle of the call I get interrupted by SOD calling back and have to put present pt. on hold, get to my other pt. chart and taklk to the doc. write down what he said reconnect with present pt. finish him then reopen 1st chart call back post op pt. give him doc instructions , hang up and finish chart

Stess is everywhere in Nursing thats whats so great about there being so many different specialties to escape to!!

I like it especially working at home! On my break I swim in my pool! I would not go back to direct patient care!

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