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Yippee. I heard back from the Level 1 Trauma Hospital Burn Unit where I sent an email about the possibility of shadowing a nurse sometime this summer. They welcome me with open arms. As soon as... Read More

  1. by   sallee13
    your experience in the burn center will depend on what kind of patients they have while you are there. some burns are minor or are in the non-critical grafting stage. this may still be very interesting to you. the exciting ones (for us burn nurses) are the big burns with multiple issues needing to be dealt with. these are the ones that keep us on our toes. most nurses in burn centers are happy to share an experience with you.
  2. by   Jocieran
    Hello there, I just wanted to say the burn unit topic is very interesting, please feel free to share more details, I am SO incredibly interested in working in a burn unit when I am done with school, or maybe as a CNA first.
    Oh, Today is my first post. Hope you are all doing great.
    I am a CNA finishing up my prerequisites to enter a nursing program sometime in '07 I hope (lots of math and science to take). I am a massage therapist by training but have been doing the CNA thing since the summer. I am trying to get enough experience to get hired at a Hospital here in Chicagoland, but right now I'm stuck at an assisted living center.
    Pros - Senior Citizens can be really fun to work with (really!
    Cons - Crap Money and not much real experience
    Anyway, hearing you guys share details and such keeps me excited about the end result of all these chemistry and algebra classes. I have always wanted a job where I could be compassionate but that is challenging too. Thanks for listening to the Lowly CNA.

    Jocelyn in Chicago
  3. by   carla08
    Hello I too will be job shadowing this week at Barnes Hospital in St Louis in medical floor unit. I am really looking forward to it. I will be doing my first clincal this upcoming Jan semester. I am also looking for job either pt care or clerical. I have had some limited health care experience. I already have one BS degree in Health Education. Does anyone have some really questions i can ask besides the usual questions like # of staff,etc? I want them to be able to remember me. Thanks all.