Is Burn an impacted specialty?

  1. Hell all!

    I'm currently enrolled an a nursing program in southern California and I'm hoping to work on a burn unit when I graduate. When I first started to think about burns I didn't think it was impacted, but now I'm hearing of more and more people wanting to enter the field.

    In your opinion is the Burn unit difficult to be hired to? Is the competition similar to Peds or Labor and Delivery?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   dah doh
    In SoCal, there are very few primary burn centers in the area. You would have to look into the burn centers to see what the job situation is. It is a very specialized field so you would need specialized training. Other facilities will accept burn patients to evaluate and treat in an emergency but will transfer the patient ASAP to a primary burn center for better patient management. You may have to consider moving out of the area to obtain a position in a burn center or consider starting your nursing career elsewhere and transferring into a burn center when you have some experience. Good Luck!
  4. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    I was pretty much under the impression that you won't get a nursing job in any part of CA without selling your soul to the devil.

    Burn has a high turnover rate, typically. I know that my unit cannot hire experienced ICU nurses...because nobody really wants to work in burn. It's stinky, hot, and your patients are *******s, typically.

    Burn is also niche. You learn burn. But it doesn't compute well with other specialties. You learn on the job.

    I can make some awesome clotting out of wound netting.
  5. by   whaever
    well, well, well, BURN Nurses....are unique individual who can cope up with the patient in a hollistic approach, treating not only the burn wound on a patient but dealing with a patient with trauma from the accident, but sad to say in some countries and hospital like saudi arabia, burn nurses are often floated everywhere from E.R, ICU to the wards.... so BURN UNIT Nurses here are very flexible in terms of work assignments....