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  1. Looking into a job as a technician in the Burn Unit? Does your burn unit use technicians, if so what's their typical day like?
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  3. by   marienm, RN, CCRN
    I work nights on a small burn ICU that also takes off-service patients, and we don't have a tech at night. During the day, I assume the tech does normal 'tech' tasks such as blood-sugars, meal assistance, vitals (for pts who aren't on the monitor), helps with turns/bedding changes/cares/ambulation, transports non-monitored patients to procedures, peripheral blood draws if needed, etc. I think she also is supposed to help maintain the unit- stock rooms, answer the phone, etc. Our hospital uses techs to sit with confused patients, though, so she gets floated off our unit to sit on other units a lot. I don't know that it's much different from being a tech in any other ICU. She can help with dressing changes, but the RN is the primary person during a dressing change and must administer all the meds.

    If you've never seen a big burn patient before, it's something people have trouble getting used to: the smell, the sloughing skin, etc... you'll have to judge for yourself what you're comfortable with.
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    Yes you're definitely right about that, thanks for the response!
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    Where do you live I work in a burn unit as a tech
  6. by   laurenbsn14
    The techs we employ are critical care techs (licensed paramedics in MO or KS). On day shift they transport patients to the OR, take pictures of the wound/ graft in OR, help with dressing changes, sometimes help the burn clinic nurse if she's busy, help with IV sticks, rapid response/ code situations, place IO's... They will also do "normal" tech duties like vitals, sugars, beds, baths, but those things come secondary to the first list. On my unit, the RN's do the usual "tech" work unless the techs aren't already busy.
  7. by   trowe24
    Thanks for the reply... interesting how the scope of practice varies per state.