Burn nursing


I am a new grad and I recently applied for a new grad position at a burn unit. I am at the moment praying to get the position. In the meantime, I read my nursing school textbooks on burn care. I also read articles on the experiences of burn nurses. One article was very informative in that it presented the new grads' experiences. I am now looking for articles on the ways families and patients are affected and how nurses can help.

The waiting game to hear the decision of the hiring managers is making me feel butterflies. In the mean time if any of you started your nursing career in a burn unit, please offer any advice.

Specializes in Critical Care, Education. Has 35 years experience.

Is this an ICU burn unit or a less intensive area. During my career, I have worked in all types of ICU settings and there were only 2 that I just couldn't deal with. Neo ICU (due to ethical conflicts) & Burns. The physical environment of the Burn unit was very difficult for me... very hot and humid in order to accommodate patients with decreased thermoregulatory ability & long hours in full sterile garb. It was exhausting. The other problem I had was with debridement... which I could never get used to.

The psychological impact of severe burns is very hard to deal with even with patients that did not have grotesque facial scarring. I couldn't hack it. Of course, your experience may be completely different.