Bunker Hill CC Prereqs - Need Help from Previous Students!!!

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I really need help making a decision, any input is welcomed.

I'm applying to BHCC's Nursing Program for Spring 2015. I have a previous Bachelors as well as a Masters but I'm hoping to make a slight career change.

I'm finishing up a few prerequisites this summer but I cannot make them all fit into my schedule. For some reason they're only offering A&P for the first half of the summer. I received a C+ in A&P I along with a B- in the lab portion for about a 2.4 GPA for that class only. I feel that I should re-take this course but it interferes with Algebra, another course I feel I need to retake as I got a C in it.

So my question would be, what course is more heavily weighted to get into the program?

Additional info:

I have taken a statistics course, and Biostats course at the undergrad level and received As in both as well as a graduate stats course with an A. The rest of my prerequisites are: A&P II (B, class A, lab), English I took an AP course in highschool and tested out of it in college, and my highschool chem class included a lab and I got a B+. I'll be taking Drug Calculations and Human Growth this summer and I'm obviously aiming for As.


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Also - I scored an 86% on the TEAS with about 85% for each section.

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Have you looked at other schools and their schedules for summer 2014 courses? I know that Drug Calculations has to be taken at BHCC, but you could try taking courses at another community college and just transfer them afterwards. Just make sure to consider all of your options before making a final, informed decision.


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Hi - did you end up getting into BHCC?? Thanks, Beth

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