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Bunker Hill ASN 2015 (Accepted Students)

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This is a thread for those who have been accepted to Bunker Hill Community College. Our journey finally begins December 5th! :woot:

December 5th will be a day of clarity. Two of the women in my Micro class also got in to the Nursing program, one in the evening and one in the day program. As for clinical assignments, my former lab partner said he was doing MedSurg at Newton Wellesley.

I feel like I've been waiting for this forever!! Can't believe we are about to begin!

I second that jackelyn89, it does feel like forever. I completed all pre-reqs and co-reqs so that all I will have is clinicals and nursing lectures/labs so it took me a while to get here. But none the less it's still extremely exciting! Would anyone mind stating again what program they are in?

I did the same thing the only classes I will have are the nursing/lab classes. I'm in the evening program

Looks like I'll be seeing you then jackelyn

Evening program, hoping for Tuesday clinicals, because of work. I've also completed my pre-reqs and co-reqs, except for Statistics, which I will hopefully take over the summer.


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Evening program here and I've also completed all prerequisites and co-requisites :) I'm also hoping for Tuesday clinicals just to front load my week so to speak. I wonder if we are able to say what our preferences are or if it is random. By the way, my real name is Sarah.


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Jackelyn, were you born in 89? I was thinking that everyone was going to be far older than me in the evening program...

It would be nice if you could pick our rotation but it might be random. Yes I was born in 89😁 how old is everyone?? (If you don't mind me asking)


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I'm 24, almost 25

Ok so we are around the same age awesome

I'm a bit older than you guys. Where do you guys live?


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I live in Boston right on the Orange Line near Roxbury Crossing - it is convenient to work/school but I'm hoping to relocate to Somerville or Waltham late summer. The prices in our area are becoming ridiculous!

It is expensive to live in boston. I live in Roslindale, which is pretty central to most hospitals

Hey guys good early afternoon! Ill be in the day option. Im in my late 20s(80s baby) but I love the age diversity in the program. We can stand to learn alot from each other....I am from Boston too I actually grew up where Skay lives.


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Oh awesome! I love Mission Hill area...I've been here for two years and visited my boyfriend frequently the year prior. It is just changing a lot.

I live with my boyfriend now and he works in Waltham so it is always hard for us to find a place that works for both of our commutes (he drives, I use MBTA) and is somewhat reasonable. We have a steal for an apartment but there are so many new fancy buildings going up that the rents have been increasing every year. I won't be buying a car and hope to possibly live somewhere where I can just keep using the train but keep my commute under an hour! If I live in Waltham though I can have a car to use for clinicals and drive to class/work or take the commuter rail.

Karatefoot - I was actually looking at a studio apartment in Roslindale that is for sale! A lot of people I work with live there and seem to like it

I love living in Roslindale, we've been here for 10 years.

I live in chelmsford, but my boyfriend lives in revere so I spend a lot of my time there


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