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bummed out by excelsior

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:o im getting so fustrated with this program. if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE let me know. i first enrolled in EC in 2003 but PCS'd to another state and had to get settled. i paid for all the enrollment stuff for EC and was on a roll - then got deployed. i couldn't test in Iraq, they were only letting Air Force test out. so i had to wait til i got back, i had to re-enroll because EC dropped me for not taking a test in so much time. well i PCS'd to Germany and i checked before i left and i was able to test in frankfurt at the prometric centers there, but now, as i go to take my last two tests, i am not allowed to test in germany anymore. that means i have to either fly to the states for a day or two to take tests, then pay for CPNE, then pay to fly back to take that . . . i can take my NCLEX in germany - THANK GOD!!! but im really getting bummed out by all this. there has to be a way around this, if anyone knows, please let me know.



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Since Excelsior has always made such a to do about being involved with the military, I would think that they would bend over backwards to accommodate your situation. However, you have to be careful about meeting their deadlines and requirements. I've been with them twice and have been hampered by problems. I had to disenroll the first time when I was signed up for the CPNE. While they were sympathetic, they didn't really help and collected fees from me all over again when I reenrolled. And guess what? I had to send them transcripts all over again and they forced me to retake all the NC exams, costing me more money all along the way. I would suggest you get in touch with someone in person and talk to them to see if there is any way they can help you. Not being able to take the final tests in Germany? Doesn't make any sense. A computer test is a computer test. I don't buy off on that. At least talk to them. All they can do is continue to say no. Good luck.

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