Building critical thinking skills?

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Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on building critical thinking skills.

I am going into my fourth and final semester of nursing school in the fall, and I feel like I lack in the critical thinking department. The clinical instructors I had during first and second semester mainly focused on basic patient care. During the third semester, I had a clinical instructor that was AMAZING at critical thinking. He really showed me what nursing is about and how it's not all about bathing and changing briefs. I had a good experience with him but only had him for 6 clinical experiences so I didn't get to build my critical thinking skills at all. I am now worried about my performance during the fourth semester and eventually when I'm on my own. So does anyone have any tips on critical thinking? Are there apps I can do online to help build my skills. Thanks guys!

Well I'm old and grouchy, so I find it super easy to think critically. Especially in the morning when I haven't had my coffee, I'm critical of everything then!

My advice is just remember to be judgemental and you will find yourself being criticial of everyone and everything.

Good luck!

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Actually, you are probably right about where a new grad would be expected to be in regards to critical thinking. Much of the development of critical thinking occurs once you start working as a nurse.

Critical thinking is needed when there is a problem to solve, so the first step (probably the most critical) is to be able to recognize that there is problem. Knowing normal vs abnormal assessments is key. This is what school should be teaching you along with the appropriate interventions. It's once you start working & seeing it in real life that it clicks & your critical thinking skills are honed.

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