BSNs in the greater NYC area: Is a car necessary?

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I am planning to apply for aBSN programs in NYC and (possibly, hopefully) surrounding areas. I've been deluding myself that I have lots of school options, even though I can't drive and could never afford a car even if I did learn. So my simple question (which I asked College of New Rochelle nursing dept. twice and never received a reply):

Do you NEED a car to get through BSN programs at CNR, Concordia, Pace-Pleasantville, and/or Adelphi-Garden City? I know a car is obviously an advantage to get to clinicals, but this is so not an option for me. Is there anyone out there who made it through these programs on public transportation?

If not, I'll stick to the boroughs.

Thank you for your input!

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For the Pleasantville campus, yes there is a bus. I did it, and it was doable for prereq classes. A little difficult if you have to go to the library. Go early and know what the schedule is so you don't miss the last one. Most of the hospitals are accessible through the bus system in that particular area.

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Scratch adelphi or any other LI school off your list if you have no car. Public transit is not good enough on long island to get everywhere you want. The trains alone aren't cheap either. You say you can't afford a car but the transit system is going to cost you money. If you are very lucky maybe you can hitch a ride to clinicals with a classmate but even then you must offer gas money or people will not extend the favor. You better pray that you can do this because if you miss 2 clinicals you fail the course.If you need transit I'm not really sure why you are applying to schools where cars are needed. Go to school in the city.

Outside of the 5 boroughs, yes you may need a car. I've been to the Pleasantville area and from what I remember, depending where you live, there are places you can go to that are accessible like small groceries but you're pretty much stuck there. You always have Metro-North if you need to get to the city.

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With CNR there is the Metro North and bus. The bus that stops near the school runs pretty frequently. Also Concordia has a bus which passes right in front. I take that bus but to WCC which is further in Valhalla.

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