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BSN without RN help


I recently graduated from a county college with an associates degree for psychology. I want to change my major to nursing, and I am moving to Florida in a few months. I would greatly appreciate any information anyone could provide about getting my BSN without being a RN. It seems that the only programs that offer BSN's require a RN, or to have a bachelors degree for another major to proceed with an accelerated BSN program. I would prefer (accredited) to find somewhere that offers some classes online (like math) because I will need to work, so I will be unable to attend school everyday. If anyone has any information or is in a similar program I would greatly appreciate it.

Just to clarify, RN is a license, not a degree. What do you mean the "BSN requires an RN"? Do you mean that you have to be a licensed RN to be enrolled in the BSN program? If this is the case, you're probably looking at a bridge program, which allows you to obtain a BSN if you already possess an ADN. Try looking into community colleges, as many of them are cheaper and flexible with classes for your prerequisites. You will probably need to complete a few prerequisites before you can apply to an ADN program, such as A&P and Stats, if you have not already. Research the local colleges that are available to you and speak with a few advisors. See if you can have some of your credits transferred from your Associates. I think my CC required some Psychology classes for the prereqs, so you might be able to skip over those. Good luck!

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A RN can be a diploma, ADN, or BSN. To become a RN (registered nurse), you attend a nursing program, then you sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. You maybe need to do some more research about different nursing roles and how you can become a nurse.


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RN is a licence you get after you complete an ADN program. The programs you are looking at which require an RN are RN to BSN programs, which are for people who complete an ADN program and obtain their RN license. The other programs you are looking at require a bachelor's degree and are accelerated programs (because the students enrolling in them have the general ed. classes required from their other degree). Neither of these programs you are eligible for. You're starting from square 1, your previous degree holding no more weight than what your GPA will provide for you and maybe a few classes that might transfer for the program.

What you need to do is start researching ADN or BSN programs in the area you will be moving to. I'm sure if you let us know where about in FL, someone is more than willing to help with ideas. From there you will want to pick a program, or several (you might want a bsn off the bat but don't exclude ADN programs that you could bridge to BSN with). You'll transfer into that college, so the pre-req's that the program requires for application and then once you meet those requirements you will apply for the programs you've selected. Some of the requirements you will likely have already met, others you will have to complete before you apply to the program. All nursing programs are extremely competitive, especially in metro areas, and acceptance isn't a guarantee just because you meet the requirements.