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BSN Total Costs at NOVA Southeastern University ?



Nova Southeastern University is offering a 2 and half year for BS in nusring.

However, I would like to know if I apply there and by the end of my graduation How much in total would costs me; without forgetting to deduct any helpt from Financial aid, scholarship if available.

Can someone share its own experience please. If yes, can you tell us how much is your loan when you graduated if you have one? and did you receive any help from financial aid or scholarships...?

Please, I need answers. I am really interested in applying but I dont know how much all this will cost me at the end?

Have you called them? I would start with Registrar, I think they're the ones who can tell you tuition etc costs now, they'll tell you if they know if they're going up. Make sure you ask about additional fees, to include parking fees. The School of Nursing should be able to tell you the approximate cost of books, lab fees, uniforms etc. They may need a few days for a good answer. I think I read somewhere to count on $1000 for books per semester for a full load but I could be wrong. You also need to understand that tuition costs can and will increase, but the Registrar (or whoever) should be able to give a history of costs the past few years so you can use that to estimate increases. However, with C19 I think we're going to see some significant increases because I've been reading that universities are losing money. Good luck.

PS have you checked the University website, some will have current tuition costs there.

Tuition and fees are listed on the website. https://nursing.nova.edu/entry-bs-in-nursing-program/index.html

Tuition is $27,700 in state and $28,695 out of state per year.


-One Time NSU Application Fee:$50.00

-One Time Seat Deposit:$200.00

-HPD General Access Fee (Annually):$145.00

-NSU Student Services Fee (Each Semester):$500.00

-Registration Fee (Each Semester):$30.00

-Nursing Lab Fee (Second Semester Only):$150.00

-BSN Licensure Review Testing (Each Semester):$86.00

-Extra Fees: Students will incur additional cost such as; Books, FNSA dues, uniforms, lab coat, competency exam fees and Graduation Costs.

Your ability to obtain scholarships and grants will decrease the cost. I’d say you are looking at over $60,000 to attend. If you haven’t already, I advise to to look into your local community colleges, where the same education can be had for considerably less. I completed my ADN, BSN and MSN for less than $15,000 total, including tuition, books, supplies and fees.


Has 2 years experience.

Highly suggest avoiding this school altogether! Especially the Miami campus! Don’t say you were not warned!

On 6/12/2020 at 1:25 PM, FutureDNPMia said:

Highly suggest avoiding this school altogether! Especially the Miami campus! Don’t say you were not warned!

I got to this school now, was it that bad???