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BSN question


Hello guys!  I have a question, SInce most Hospitals are hiring BSN now adays, I want to know what if you are international Nurse with BSN degree, does it equals to US BSN. Im from Philippines for reference. Does anyboby here have any issues applying?

your feedback is greatly appreaciated! thanks


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Some states accept Philippine BSN = to US educated BSN. California is the most difficult state as  courses taken require clinical experience at the same time: eg.  obstetrical/maternal-child nursing  class requires maternity clinical experience at the same time.   States vary in amount of clinical hours +

Check out allnurses WORLD section; Lots of advice on Nurse Registration, Immigration, and Philipine forums.

CGFNS International, Inc. - Nursing Credentials Evaluation   has 2 different services to evaluate nursing education obtained outside the US.

Each state has different requirements for licensure --link to boards of nursing found bottom each page. Look for nursing licensure, Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) for specific requirements.

Best wishes in your nursing career.

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Philippine BSN is comparable to a BSN in the US except California. 

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4 hours ago, Cloud9RN said:

Philippine BSN is comparable to a BSN in the US except California. 

thanks for the reply!







I have my US license and did CGFNS evaluation  already but still im still figuring out