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BSN program w/out RN requirement


Hello everyone! I was curious if anyone knew if there are BSN programs available that do not require that you require you to be an RN? I graduate this semester with my Associates degree in General Education as I was once a Business major. I am taking my pre-reqs for Nursing as well this semester. I was just curious because I really want to get my BSN, but don't want to have to spend two years to get my ASN and then another two for my BSN. I'm getting into this late in the game and have two little ones and really want to get done with this as soon as reasonably possible. Thanks for any input!

HeartsOpenWide, RN

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Apply for a BSN program. The only time you get your RN first and then apply for a BSN is if you are apply for a bridge program. Some people do this so they can work while working on their BSN.

There are kazillions of BSN programs to prepare non-nurses for nursing licensure and practice. They are typical, four-year college degrees (although if you were starting out with an AAS or AS, you would already have quite a few of the credits required and it probably wouldn't take you as long) , and are often referred to as "pre-licensure" or "generic" BSN programs. I'm sure that, if you look around, there are some in your area. There is no reason why you would have to get an ADN first and then complete a BSN.

Wow! There are kazillions! Thank you so much for the information. You just saved me a lot of stress. I've been unable to sleep just wondering what the best option would be for both myself and my family. Thank you again!

I am a CC transfer student going into a BSN without being a RN... It is not necessary if you do not want to go down that path.