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BSN Program with late application deadline Fall 2017


I have seen one or two other posts on this topic but they are from a couple years ago.

I have applied to a couple of programs for the Fall 2017 for a BSN. I am going to be finishing up community college in California. I have had to look outside of the state because I took microbiology 3 times, I passed this fall with an A! I should have a 3.2 GPA after this semester.

I thought most nursing programs, other than the ones that applications were due in October, had a deadline of March 1st, however when I started calling around some in Missouri had deadlines of Feb 1st.

I also haven't taken the TEAS yet, I plan on taking them on March 10th.

I have applied to NAU, Marshall University, and will be applying to UNF.

I again, cant go to universities in California because they have a 3 retake rule. I have looked into schools in Colorado, none worked out, Texas all seem to want some kind of Texas government class that I don't have. Washington state schools told me my GPA would probably be too low.

When I looked up posts on here someone suggested Eastern Michigan University, when I emailed them they said its preferred all prerequisites are taken there because they go on a points system. Central Missouri said a similar thing.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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