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I am currently taking my pre-requisites for nursing, and as you may have already noticed (for those of you who have read my other threads) i really really want to go to Cal State East bay and get into their nursing program. But i am also looking into other BSN schools in california, too because of how impacted the nursing major is. do you guys know of which bsn programs are easier to get into than others? what i mean by that is which ones are not so impacted with nursing majors. which ones are harder to get into than others? I heard that san jose state isn't accepting any people who live outside the santa clara county? is this true?

and also..which cal state universities still admit nursing students in the spring semester? or are all of them closed for that with the budget cuts?

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It seems that no matter what major you are, if you are at any CSU, there are major budget cuts. You'll be really lucky to get into a nursing program at a CSU. BUT I am sure with a lot of hard work, you can make it into any program, it just depends on how bad you want it.

Anyways, I'm guessing you're around the East Bay but a few programs that I know that are not associated with the CSUs are: Holy Names University, Dominican, USF, Mills College, St. Marys.

I'm currently enrolled at Holy Names and will be transferring out in the fall to Samuel Merritt. Let me tell you this, there are a lot of flaws in this program at HNU due to poor advising but I'm sure you can make it here.

Also note if money is no concern, then definitely try applying to some private schools. I'm not saying they are the best, but it seems that you're looking for an "easier program to get into" compared to CSUs. I have had several friends from different schools transfer from SFSU to go to HNU, as well as UCSC (they don't have nursing there).


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Schools "in the middle of nowhere" can sometimes be less impacted than schools in major metropolitan areas.


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Every CSU is hard to get into. Out of all of the northern California programs I would say you have your best shot @ CSU East Bay just because they do accept the most applicants. You need a high GPA and teas score though. From my experience, SFSU and Chico are hard to get into unless you have the supplemental points. you should also check out Sac State because you can get a lot of points from your GPA and teas score alone to make you pretty competitive.

CSU Stanilaus - I heard isn't that well known so u might want to check out that school too.