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BSN Incentive??

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Okay, I just moved from Oceanside to Murrieta, CA and started the job hunting process. I have been out of practice for about a year, but during that year I went back to school to get a RN to BSN degree. I applied for a job in the area and was a bit surprised (:confused:) at the offer...it was less than what I was making at my previous job when I only had an ADN and they didn't meet my "minimum salary" request on the application. Just wondering if any hospitals in Riverside offer incentives for BSNs or if they just pay less in Riverside county....I am a little disappointed because the trend now is a preference for BSNs and I spent a LOTof money to get one. I suppose it could be being out of practice too...any thoughts??


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I think a large part of it may the extreme difference in the cost of living in San Diego County versus Riverside County. Just my :twocents:


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I haven't worked in Ca since 2008 but when I was there nobody cared at all what degree an RN had.

No offence but it seem naive to expect to make more money for no reason other than you have a BSN.

My personal experience in Ca is that skills, experience and certification (CCRN, CEN) are what gets you paid more money.

To Mrs. Ed: You are right, I can see how cost of living can make a difference in base pay ranges, I guess it just bothered me that it was not the same rate I requested, which wasn't outrageous, just equal to what I was making at the other place.

To PMFB-RN: No offense taken- of course experience matters! I do know of people who were rewarded with pay increases after completing a RN-BSN program though. When you take that step to further education it may not seem a big deal to some, but I see it as major accomplishment and should be taken in consideration.

Thank you both for feedback.

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The only plus of most hospitals in Riverside County for a BSN is that most have clinical ladder programs and will give you a slight raise (like 5%) after your meet certain criteria, and the BSN can count towards that. Otherwise, other than a higher liklihood of getting a job, there's not really much the BSN counts for. I'm still getting mine anyway though too.