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I have my bachelors in an unrelated field, I am going back to school to pursue my RN, and eventually my CRNA.

For those of you who are a CRNA I am looking at two possible prospects for nursing school. One is an ABSN program that is 16 months and 50k and the other is Entry level MSN for none nurses (clinical nurse leader) program for 75K. The school that offers the MSN program has a CRNA program. CRNA school is now a doctorates degree, it just changed this year or last year. The MSN school has a CRNA program for those who complete their MSN with them for only 2 years, compared to 3 years, and the MSN program is 24 months.

Here are some issues I am facing:

ABSN program will be my second bachelor's and I am only getting federal aid for about 25K.

I will have to take out about 30k for the rest of the loan. Then I could do my masters online for under 10k, or not, some CRNA programs don't offer many master transfer credits.

Not sure if this is enough info. Any advice?


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What happens if you go with the MSN and then don't get into that schools CRNA program? Or you decide to move? Or there are changes with the CRNA program that you don't like? What happens if you get into nursing and decide you don't want to be a CRNA any longer? Sounds like getting the MSN might not be worth it if you don't go for CRNA at the same school.

Just some things to think about, but I honestly don't think I'd want to feel like I'm locked into what school I have to go to for an advanced degree.


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