Bsn to corpsman?


I am a new graduate bsn nurse and its always been my dream to be in the military. But the process and space availability for nurses in the military isn't what I expected to be. I already Turned in my application for the airforce, but even the recruiter told me there's a very slim chance I get accepted due to the sheer number of applicants. And to navy turned me down because im suppoused to have at least 3 months of experience.So my question is, is it possible to enter the navy in a corpsman position and then request a commision,or would is just be better to get the experience in the civilian world and try again?

Sorry for the lOng question, thank you

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Don't do this. Yes its possible, but no guarantee, and it will set you back years. Think of it from the Navy perspective. Why would they spend a bunch of money to train you as a corpsman and then release you to train again to be a nurse officer? You need nursing experience, get that first.

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I'll tag onto this and agree one hundred percent.

Once you enlist, there's also no guarantee you'll ever be selected for a commission, either, and competition is equally stiff if not more so.

Go in with something they're looking for, even if competition's tight. Don't let an enlisted recruiter talk you into enlisted.