BSN Colleges in lovely nc cities?

U.S.A. North Carolina


I'm visiting Asheville from nj in a week and am really excited to look at cheaper colleges!

From my research Western Carolina is the only one near there w a BSN program?

Any others?

Anyone have any thoughts on Western?

I *love* Asheville and would feel so blessed if I could study there and save money on loans.

Am also interested in other progressive cities in nc w colleges but don't really know what to check out/have friends couches to surf upon. :) so any other thoughts on where to check out mucho appreciated!


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WCU is part of the UNC system, so you'll be paying out-of-state tuition until you establish residency. There are lots of BSN programs in NC, but it's getting harder and harder to find a "progressive" city, since the GOP has pretty much taken over the state. Also, I'm not sure about your luck finder "cheaper" colleges, since private schools are expensive wherever you go and, again, you'll be paying out-of-state tuition at the state unis until you become a permanent resident.

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I'm agreeing with elkpark. Tuition won't be cheaper in NC until you've lived there (and established residency) for 12 months. From my understanding from my own search, the private colleges are also just as expensive as they are up towards us (I'm from PA).


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Thank for your responses. I was thinking about establishing residency as I do my prerequisites. The aBSN at west carolina is 15k cheaper. I'm not sure about the others in the state but I've been wanting to move for a long time.

Do you know of any public schools to look into? I don't care about name. I do care about quality of life/nature/cost.


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Most of the public universities in NC have BSN programs, and they're all at least decent programs. It's mostly a matter of where you want to live, and that's a v. personal choice.


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Here is a list of BSN programs (includes public and private) with locations:

Baccalaureate Degree | North Carolina Board of Nursing

That website also provides stats on NCLEX passage rates and retention rates.

Chapel Hill is still considered progressive but UNC-CH is a very competitive program. I would want to have a plan B if applying there.

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