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I am trying to decide which degree route to go. RN to BSN or this Bachelors in Health Care Administration LTC. I have heard from my co workers a mixed review only to realize they have little or no knowledge of the later. I am a ADN RN that is currently working as Nursing Supervisor at a LTC facility. I have also come across an opening for RN case manager position with the company I currently work for. The qualifications they are looking for are supervision experience and at least 2 years LTC, which I have both. Big question is, Which direction should I go???? I know that I don't want to continue floor nursing, but I love the clinical aspect of trouble shooting problems, initiating plans, measuring and documenting outcomes and teaching in my supervisor position. Any feed back appreciated.


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My thought, A BSN can go on to NP, they can teach and manage. A BHA can not do NP and most teach or manage. That said I heard there was a U in TN that would let anyone into their NP program if that had enough money, however I digress.

I think you can do anything a BHA can with a BSN but not the other way around.



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I have seen few RN's benefit from getting a BHA degree. In fact, the last one I knew (a nurse manager) was shown to the front door because of unprofessional conduct, probably because she treated "her" RN's with contempt.

Clinical expertise is the sought after area right now. Go and get your BSN and do consider getting a CLINICAL MSN (think NP or CNS) after that.


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This is just MY opinion..

I am getting my BHA. I decided against a BSN- why you ask? Well, it's because I can't stand floor nursing. I want to be off of the floor as fast as I can. I don't enjoy anything about it and refuse to be a charge nurse or supervisor on a floor. I've looked up the jobs I would be interested in doing and they require a BSN or BHA. Many of the hospital positions around me have advertised this as well (again I'm not looking to be directly on the floor involved with patients). Anyway, I plan on going on for my MPH and be more like a back burner nurse. I do love working with patients in a different capacity so don't think I'm a heartless nurse- my heart is more in public health and behind the desk than a busy surgical floor or trauma unit..

What are YOUR interests?


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TheNipper is retired. I spent most of my life as a floor nurse or nurse practitioner. I think you are making a big mistake.

A BSN/MSN will take you where you want to go. I know people who got the degrees you seek, then they go back and get the MSN.


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:twocents: Someone very close to me is a diploma RN with an MBA and a MSHCM, He is going back to school for his degree in nursing because the fact that he does not have it has been used against him several times when he was passed over for promotion.


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I still like being in the clinical setting ,don't necessarily have to be "floor" nurse. Somewhere in the area of nurse educator, staff development. If that makes any sense.

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I you ever work for an institution that has or is seeking Magnet certification ... They require that all managers have BSN's and encourage all other RN's to pursue that degree as well. A bachelor's degree in another field does not count.

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