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bsn atlanta campus

Current Chamberlin college of nursing students... I am considaring applying for bsn program. I understand that is a very intense program but I am a mother who has to work. My question is ... what is a example of your weekly schedual? How often are you in classes on campus. How many days a week? Also is there anyone that is paying for tuition on monthly installments? Can you.share approx.how much.your payments are?

Hello candigirl76,

I've just started my first semester here at Chamberlain Atlanta campus and it depends on your classes! Most general education classes will be online and nursing/science courses will be onsite. I am taking 2 general ed courses, english and developmental psychology online, and taking one nursing class onsite. My nursing class is only two hours and once a week. I am paying monthly payments and you would need to talk to an admission advisor because financial aid and loans play a role in your monthly payments. I wish you the best of luck of choosing your nursing program!

I am a single mother, 4 children, youngest being 4 years old and the oldest is 14, I am at Chamberlain full time and work full time nights 40 hours per week at the hospital. YOU CAN DO IT. It is quite a task but if you have the motivation and drive you can do it!! I have just finished my med surge and pharmacology classes and start pediatrics on the 26th and many people said I would not be able to get through the 3 classes together (adult health, patho and fundies) but I did and then they said I wouldnt get through adult health and pharm and I did! I tell you that to tell you that it is feasible. I go to school Monday-Thursday with 12 hour clinical on Wed. I go to school Mondays 830-12, Tuesdays 830-3p, (with pre planning) Wed 7am to 7pm and thursday 1-5pm


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