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Hi, I'm currently taking an online 18 month course to get my associates degree in healthcare management. I began in October, so I'm about halfway done. My question is, if I wanted to become an RN, would this degree be useful? I would like to become a RN, I'm just not sure if it's worth finishing my associate's degree before pursuing this or if I should save myself time by transferring any applicable credits to an RN degree.

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No, not particularly useful.

I would say that if, far in the distant future as an RN, you wanted to go into management, a master's degree in HCA or an MBA would be helpful, but not an associate's degree, because it doesn't go into the breadth and depth that would be beneficial.

It depends, maybe achieving your associate is a personal goal for you. I mean you are 1 year away from achieving it. Those under grad credits may knock some humanities, english, math courses off your bsn load in the future.I seen some schools that if you have a associates, they are credit transfer friendly and will take almost all. However, I don't think a associate in healthcare management will make or break you in the future, plus most RN delegates to lpn and cna and one of the roles of most nurses is managing. If you receive financial aid, they shut you down from receiving free funds from 2 year school if you decide you want to go back for pre reqs for nursing. Just some things to think about! Good luck in your journey

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