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I'm wondering what the pros and cons would be of getting your BSN in the US or India. Any insight into the process as well? How difficult is it to do a BSN in the US? How long does it generally take? How can you get started?

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If you do your training outside the country you plan on living and working you will always be regarded as international trained and have to meet whatever requirements for international trained is set down by the board of nursing whether for state, province or country

It would also be important to verify in advance that the BSN from another country would be considered the equivalent of a US BSN and accepted for licensure (or vice versa). Not all nursing degrees automatically transfer among countries for licensure purposes.

In general, it's simplest, for licensure purposes, to study in whatever country you intend to live and practice in.

The BSN in the US typically takes 4-5 years of full-time study if you're starting "from scratch." If one has a previous BA/BS degree in another subject, there are "accelerated" BSN programs that take, typically, 12-18 months (depending on the individual school) of full-time study. Nursing degrees are generally considered pretty demanding. Accelerated programs are particularly demanding and rigorous because they consist of the same nursing content (didactic and clinical) as a conventional BSN program crammed into a shorter period of time.

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