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sphinx, BSN, RN

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I dont take any SSRIs, or any medication for that matter. I have clenched since I was a kid, except in bouts. I guess I have always clenched at night but I only get sore when I clench so forcefully.

I was just throwing that out in the ring, not thinking it as a primary cause. I only mentioned it because it is not widely known, and that it can be "reversible" by stopping the offending medication.

I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to find Norflex, in general, to be a pretty weak muscle relaxant. It tends not to make you as drowsy as the others though. Flexeril tends to be stronger, but can knock you on your rear......of course, if you are already in bed..!!! Those are just my own *personal* experiences though!


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Yes sphinx! My Doc told me that norflex was not as sedating as Flexeril. Norflex didnt do anything for me last night, but I will try again tonight...Hmmm, do you think the Flexeril might help? Doc didnt seem like he was willing to prescribe it though.

Also, does anyone just clench, and not grind?? Does the mouth guard help with this? I HATE the idea of wearing a mouth guard, but if it stops the sore jaw and neck muscles, I guess I'll try it.

Anybody just clench, and not grind?


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clenching acting up again. I hate it. Nothing helps.

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