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Brushing up for clinicals


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Hi all,I've been an LPN for 3 years working home health part time and doing prerequisite classes for my transition to RN. I just got accepted into a Bridge program and I start in January. I'm very excited! My question is: What skills do you recommend I brush up on for clinicals? I don't know if clinicals will be in a hospital or nursing home setting. If its in a nursing home, I feel pretty confident with my skills but if it is in a hospital setting that would be a new experience for me. All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks. 😊

If you start your clinical in hospital gets familiar with IV pump setting and how to operate them. Also know where all the supplies were and able to find and know the names by heart. I have been a nurse for little over a year I still do not know all medical equipments names. It is pertinent and beneficial to you if do recognized most of them.

Busymom2day, ADN

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I agree with the previous poster about brushing up on IV skills. I was lucky enough to go to a PN school that came with IV certification. In my bridge program some of us are IV certified and some of are not. They did not give the ones who are not certified any type of skills or brushing up session. They are just trained at clinicals. They had also never learned IV drip rates so it was something that they kind of had to teach themselves. It's really not all that different from PN school. Alot of the questions are going to be different. Instead of reporting the RN, YOU are now going to be RN and you have to know what action/intervention to take with the patient. You will do great!