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Broward College South Campus Return Demo

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Is anyone here taken Return Demo 2 Med Administration at Broward College South Campus? I am anxious about it, and was wondering if I really have to look each up each med in my drug book after doing my calculations and tell the instructor if the drug is safe, and what the safe range for that drug is? How many meds did you have on return demo 2? I do not know how I will compare the MAR with the MD orders, pull the meds, do the calculations, explain if they are safe to give or not, (based on the ranges), draw up meds, and give the meds, explaining certain parameters for each med, and document all within an hour. How did you guys do it? I think my biggest problem is not my skills, but my planning and executing everything within an hour. Time management is a challenge for me.

All I can tell you is know your stuff. Vital sign , locate the apical pulse, walk the chest and don't look confuse because you will be eaten up. Good luck. Practice and be on time.


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Thank u but I meant Return Demo 2 on medication administration.

Make sure you use 2 med cups and a syringe for liquid med... pour into 1st , measure with syringe and squirt into the 2nd cup.

Look at the iv when you walk in, delete meds you can't use, and allergy meds, and then collect your meds. Don't forget 2 needles per syringe. .. One draw one for pt, don't forget to aspirate IM injection. Ztrack meds, don't forget residual in peg... And remember to check parameters for meds.


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Thank you! Good advice. I will try to remember all that. What is killing me now is all the prep work, including answering so many questions from the drug book. I am trying to get that down to the first 30 min. 60 minutes sounds like a lot but there is so much to do! I will keep practicing so I can get my time down.


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