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Brookhaven Texas


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Anyone else here from Brookhaven, and awaiting their acceptance/rejection email. I would also love to hear from anyone who has been through the program.

i have not heard anything as of yet. my calendar says they are supposed to be telling us tomorrow. good luck =D


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Hi tokkii,

I remember you from last semester I think. You were with me while we went through the waiting marathon. I am hoping that this time it's a lot better. I called last week and found out that they fixed whatever problem they were having, and will be admitting the originally 40 students instead of the 30 they thought. In addition, there were only 250 applicants the same as last year. I was surprised considering Mountainview applicants were included.

How many points did you apply with this time?

yes i do remember you too. what is your real name? maybe we have had a class together.

thank you for the recent tidbits of news. i'm glad to hear about the 40 slots. i applied with 31.3 points. i hope it is enough!!

i've heard from some students and professor meyer that many people that are taking classes now are giving up, skipping classes, and not trying as hard because of discouragement. how awful!


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I bet it is enough. Remember last semester it was 250 applicants the min was 27.something so I bet your in. And if your in I am in....I am so excited. I applied with 34.63 this time.

I know I was devastated when I read about the changes. I had retaken chem to turn a B into an A, retook the Hesi to turn an 85 into a 90, and finished two more pre reqs so I was feeling really good about my chances. I turned in my app on the 25 which was a few days before the deadline. A checked the website the day after the deadline and they had posted the dreadful news, and I just cried. I figured adding mountainview would double the applicant pool to around 500, and with then only having 30 spots I thought the min would be up around 38. I have done everything I can do (4.0, A on hesi, pre reqs, 3 xtra points), I was honestly thinking of giving up myself. I was so happy when I found out the good news about the spots, and number of applicants I cried again. I am investing in tissue.

I have been thinking positive. I went ahead and got my physical, and form filled out, and got all my shots except the last 2 hep b's which I finish up in July. I am also trying to decide which medical cpr class I want to take to get that our of the way. I am considering buying my stethoscope, and nursing shoes in the next fews weeks so I will have them.

I will email you my real nameto your private inbox. I took most of my classes at Richland, but took End of life (Routh), and spanish for medical professionals at Brookhaven.

i took most my classes at richland too! did you have jackie reynolds for any science classes? she is a toughie but i learned the most from her.

i have cried alot too about nursing and honestly, i am not as positive as you are. i think i am at the point where i dont even know if i'll be happy if i get in. i think i'll just be dazed and confused.... and then after it really hits me, i'll probably be screaming for joy. it has definitely been an emotional roller coaster ride. i have all my shots and CPR certifications finished. the only thing i need to do is get my physical... which will be done next month since i am getting insurance =)

i'm not sure what to buy yet but seems like you already have a list going! i heard that many nurses were wearing crocs these days. they are comfortable.


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I took Jackie for A&P 1, but Dr lou for A&P2, and micro. I felt like you up until last week. I thought of how I would feel, and felt I would just feel numb. Then I called and got the good news, and I cried, and then I jumped up and down, and started dancing lol. Now I know if I get an acceptance letter It will be the same thing but much worse.

Like I was explaining to my son....this is my american idol, my Miss America, my Professor Reynolds saying most people in this class will not make it to nursing school, and Professor Cobo-Franko saying look to your left, now look to your right...one of those people will not be here by the end of class, my 5th grade teacher saying girls didn't need to be good at science or math.....This is my personal victory...and I will be loud lol.

Do you think the emails will actually go out tomorrow. I know I will check 100 times. My fear is that Thursday will SLOWLY pass, and the Friday will go by even slower, and then I know no one will hang out at the school over the weekend to send out the emails so it will be Monday. I think they gave themselves from tomorrow until Monday.

I have found one of these with lots of Brookhavenites on it, and started asking questions. I found out the scrubs were all white, as were the shoes. I was told they have to be embroidered with the school logo so its cheaper to wait and by them from the place they send us to. As far as the shoes other than white I have no idea whats allowed and what isn't

I asked about stethoscopes and you can have any stethoscope you want, but most people have the Littman master classic II. I have found them online from about $80-$100. I was told the cheaper ones were more difficult to hear the right sounds out of. I am looking at the next step up the Littman cardiology III supposedly you can pick up the blood rushing through the chambers, and all sorts of stuff, and it sounds really clear. I found it for $131.

have you heard anything? i'm starting to go nuts.

they are supposed to have started sending letters 24th... and they have til the end of the month (30th)...

I also applied although I know I will not get accepted this time around, I still have my Micro. and Speech I'm finishing up next week, and then End of Life and Pharm over the summer and I'll apply again. I just needed my 3 points they give!!! I haven't gotten a rejection letter yet though. I assumed they'd be emailed. I'm having difficulty deciding on whether or not to re-take the HESI next month for the next app. period though. I made an 84% What do you guys think? I'm kind of waiting to see at what points they are accepting this time around. I heard a couple semesters ago they were accepting at only 24 pts.! I also received a new nursing form when I went to advising last week, that shows they no longer require speech apparently after I struggled all semester with political persuasive and cultural speeches, nor do they require the Spanish for Medical, but an 'elective' that can include spanish. What the heck?!!! So, do we lose the point we get for speech next time around???


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If I were you I would retake the Hesi. The first time I made an 85, and when I retook it the next app period I made an 91 which gave me 6 more points which is a lot for simply retaking a test. Not to mention the test weighs more over all. The extra admission points are about 7%, GPA around 9%, courses taken 29%, and Hesi around 56%. When I applied last semester it seemed like everyone who was getting in had an A or above so I decided to retake, and I am glad I did.

I am not sure about the new changes. I better get in the semester as I have already taken speech, and spanish. I will be mad if it was a waste especially if they tell me I have to take additional pre reqs when I have already finished.

I still have not gotten my email. I tried to call yesterday a few times just to see if they would give me an idea of when they might be going out, but it always went straight to voice mail.

I did notice on the Website that it shows disputes needed to be turned in by the 18th, and it says they will be cleared up with in two weeks which would be May 1st. I started thinking that maybe they have disputes which they are dealing with, and have to solve those first. I know last semesters issues and delays I was told were due to handling disputes (more than likely why they gave themselves 7 days). I do hope this doesn't stretch out until next Wed.

Anybody else heard anything?


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I just called Brookhaven, and got through. I asked if they thought emails would go out this week or next week. I was told that they THOUGHT emails would more than likely go out on MONDAY.

thank u so much for the info on disputes, coolpeach.

i've been checking my gmail like crazy.

let's all try to have a nice relaxing weekend....


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I don't know about relaxing...lol. I have started in on Spring cleaning which is what I do when I am stressed. At least when the news comes next week I will have a really clean house. If I haven't heard anything by Tuesday I will start in on the baking phase as everything will already be clean. By Wednesday I should have a gillion cupcakes, and 20 loafs of banana bread.


that reminds me of izzie on grey's anatomy when she baked like crazy while dealing with denny's death.


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Hey...its a true way to cope, and if I get a rejection letter I can sit in my clean house and drown my sorrows in baked goods until I pop.

i haven't heard anything yet and i'm getting nervous...


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I haven't heard anything either. I keep checking, but no email...I want my email.:banghead:

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