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Brookhaven Spring 2021


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Congrats to you as well! There are 25 on Thursdays 

Interesting. So I guess they chose 45 for interviews rather than 50... unless they are scheduled for another day.

Yeah, probably just the 45. I’m so nervous! 

Debsdtx, CNA

Specializes in Dermatology. Has 5 years experience.

Who else is nervous about the writing sample in the middle of the at, only having 15 minutes and working full time! 😅

Yes I don’t have good service at work either 

Hi guys I just received the email about the writing sample too and I'm super nervous. Does anyone have any clues about what the writing sample topic could be?? Also is there a specific format that they want for the writing sample??

Song, I have no idea! I’d also love to know will it be related to nursing? How long does it have to be? 

No idea. I would think we would need to write in paragraph form depending on question(s) asked. 15 minutes is not a lot of time! 

I just want to know little more about it so I can prepare. Seriously, 15 min isn't long enough..... im just little worried because I use iCloud and some times it take few mins to send out emails 😞 

We are all going to do great! We’re all in the same situation of unknown. 

Yes!! Good luck to everyone 🙂


Good luck everybody! Stay calm and be yourself.