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Brookhaven Spring 2010


I was accepted into the Brookhaven nursing program for spring 2010.

I am curious if anybody knows what happens next?

What is success camp, and what should we expect from it?

I really want to go ahead and get my books...does anybody know anything about what books we'll need?

I'm also really curious what classes we'll be taking, and when do we register?

I'm looking for any info that anybody might have...



Hey, I also accepted in Spring 2010. From tomorrow we can register spring semester, so I tried to find what we're gonna learn.


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I just graduated from Brookhavens Nursing Program yesterday. When I started success camp was the week before classes started, and was 3 days long, and pretty much all day each day. The books for the most part came all together in a box. I think it was about $1200 for the entire set. This included evolve so you could put the whole thing on your laptop. Most everyone does that because its too difficult to bring every book to class everyday. If you buy them on your own you wont have that option.

During success camp you will find out whats going to happen next, where to get your books, and what hospital and clinical group you will be in for clinicals.

The best advice I can give you is to stay flexible. Throughout the whole program things were not always told to us until the last minute. Things changed at the last minute, class schedules, times, things we had to do that they forgot, money that needed to be paid for extra stuff. So get ready for it now, and make your schedule flexible, and put money back for extras that you will need to buy at a moments notice.

Thanks for the reply CoolPeach! That info was very helpful! Congratulations on graduating from the program! I'm sure you are very happy to be finished! Do you already have a job lined up?

Hi to all that just started your program...can you give insight as to what your class schedule is like for the week? Also, how is everything going thus far for you? Thank you for your input.

I just started two weeks ago. We were given the option to do our clinicals on Mondays or Fridays, from 7AM-7PM. Then we have lecture from 9AM-2PM on Wednesdays and Skills Lab on Thursdays from 9AM-12PM. Then, any other classes that you are taking are on top of that (ex. dosage calc, pharm, etc.). That is by no means the only times that we are at school, there is a TON of studying and practicing that is on top of that. So far, I'm loving it though! I hope that helps... :-)

sounds awesome! thanks for your quick reply chelsea. That sounds like a good and breathable schedule to start off the program with. What hospital are you doing your clinicals at? Does the hospital change from time to time or is it specific to one semester?

My first semester clinicals are at Medical Center of Plano. We had the choice between Baylor Garland, Baylor Irving, or MCP. It changes from semester to semester.

May I ask how many points you had? I would just love a range..

I can't remember exactly...I think I had 31.4 points. From the info that I've gathered from others in the group, I think that somewhere around 31 was the cutoff for this semester. Every semester is different. There have been semesters where 20 was the cutoff...so it just depends on the group of applicants.

Thank you so much for the info... I know you are well into semester one. Are you overwhlemed yet? Also is it true they require 10 hours of volunteer work every week while in the program? I also know it goes through the summer, do you actually get any time off for summer? I am full of questions, sorry...It is just so nice to talk to someone who is in the program.Thanks

Hello! It can be overwhelming...some weeks are better than others. There is a ton of reading and studying involved. That is the most stressful part. It's so awesome though! Regarding the volunteer hours, we are required to have 15 hours per semester. From what I understand, there are only a few days off between the end of this semester and the beginning of the summer semester.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have. I was the same way... :-)

I am full of questions, thank you so much for being so open and answering them. Have you started your clinicals yet? if so what day's are they and what hospitals? Did you get to pick the hospitals you work at? Have you heard of anyone having problems finding a job after graduation? Any tips are aceing the hesi? I do have the evolve study guide.Did you get in the first try or was this the second. I have heard so many horror stories about people flunking once they are in the program. I can't imagine, we work so hard to get accepted to think of losing it all is crazy. I am so sorry to bombard you with all these questions, but I am just so thankful to talk to someone who has made it in. One more, do you see it being feasible to work and be sucessful in the program?

We started our clinicals last week. It's crazy and fun at the same time! We have already gotten to see some weird stuff! Clinical days are long, just under 12 hours. We had the choice between three hospitals: Medical Center of Plano, Baylor Irving, or Baylor Garland. We will be switching hospitals every semester based on what the semester is about, for example 2nd semester we will be learning about psych nursing and will be at a psych hospital. 3rd semester we will learn about L&D and pediatrics, so we will be at a children's hospital and a labor & delivery unit somewhere. It's good to switch hospitals each semester, so you can get a feel for how the different hospitals run. For first semester we go to clinicals one day a week, and we had the choice of Monday or Friday. By the time you graduate from the program you are going to clinicals 3-4 days a week.

I have heard that some people are finding it difficult to find jobs. Due to the economy, a huge percentage of retired nurses have come out of retirement and gone back to nursing which takes the places of the newbie nurses. We were told not to worry too much about that though, because the economy changes so much and we still have 15 months to go. They also told us that a lot of hospitals are starting policies where if you have too many C's on your nursing transcript, they won't hire you. So, take that with a grain of salt, it's still an excellent profession to get into. If you are a driven person, you won't have trouble finding a job.

When I studied for the Hesi, I read that evolve study guide from cover to cover (except for the sections that aren't on the test). I got a 94 on the Hesi. It's mostly math and grammar/vocab. It had very little A&P on it...only 25 questions. My suggestion to you is to do all of the practice problems in the study guide. Some of those exact questions showed up on the test. I also found more study questions for the Hesi online somewhere...just google it.

I got in on my first try. The majority of the people in the program were on their second try.

When you get into the program, they have what is called Success Camp where you get to meet the faculty and they give you a TON of info. Well, during Success Camp we were told that ALL 40 students from last semester passed and continued on to the 2nd semester. Almost everybody in my group of 40 is extremely driven and there is no way that they would consider flunking out. Everybody is very serious about getting through with flying colors.

About work...they STRONGLY advised us not to work. If you have children it is ESPECIALLY difficult. I have a toddler and I feel so guilty that I never get to see her...I'm always at school or in my office studying. It has been a hard adjustment for all of us. I work one day a week. Plenty of people in the program work a few days a week but I know it's a strain for them. It IS feasible this semester...I can't speak for further semesters since I have not experienced them yet, but it seems to me that the program gets tougher and more intense the further you get into it.

So far my experience has been amazing. I absolutely love the faculty. They are awesome. The nursing labs are brand new with lots of cool equipment. Everything has been awesome so far! :-)

Oh this was all so helpful....I can't even tell you. I will apply to Spring 2011 with all my prereq and support classes completed and we will see on the hesi. I am taking it this summer. I will take your advice and study that guide cover to cover. I am fortunate not to have to work, I just wanted to make sure that working is a strain expecially after semester one. I don't have any little ones and I am sure it is so difficult for you in that respect. I am all about the greater good in long term though. Fortunately, I do not have any C's so that is a good thing, I will do my best to keep it that way..LOL...SO on your clinicals this semster, what floor are you working on? Do you find the nurses you are shadowing helpful? Wow an 11 hour day, that is tough, but I suppose we have to get used to it some way..I am very driven as well and I have worked so hard up to this point, I definately think I can go the distance. Do you have regular tests for clinicals and class time? Oh and is the horrid rumors true about white scrubs?? Do we have to wear all white tennis shoes to complete the ensemble. LOL....I can't thank you enough for you taking the time to answer all my questions. You hear so many rumors and such that it can drive you a little crazy..I just want to get in so badly. Oh and who did you take for Micro? Any suggestions? I will take it in Summer One.Do you remember when the hesi was offered last summer? Or when the sut off date was for applications to be submitted? BTW my name is Crystal.

One more thing, I heard you cannot miss not one day, Is this true?

Hi Crystal,

You are allowed to miss only ONE day in each class per semester. Whatever you miss has to be made up though, so it is really not a good idea to miss. The faculty really frowns on missing class. This semester we are on the orthopedic floor, which consists of patients with broken bones, coming out of surgery (knee replacement, back surgery, etc.). They also put patients with lots of other random diseases on that floor when they run out of rooms on other floors. Most of the nurses are excellent, some have bad attitudes however. We just stay out of their way and stay busy. The day is long, but it FLIES by. It's crazy how fast the day goes by! We only have one lecture class, and we have a test every three weeks in that class. Apart from that class, we have skills lab and clinicals. Skills lab is where we learn all of the nursing skills. We learn a new skill each week. We practice the skill all week, then perform it in front of the professor(s). Once we are "checked off" on the skill, we are allowed to perform it in the hospital during clinicals. Apart from the tests in lecture, we have a couple of papers to write this semester.

Previous semesters did have to wear all white scrubs. They changed the colors to hunter green for our semester. I was told that they had some complaints from hospitals about students wearing the white scrubs with no undergarments underneath...use your imagination. The tennis shoes have to be white, but they can have a little color...they aren't too strict on that.

I am happy to answer questions for you! I know how you feel, I wanted in SO badly too.

I did not take any of my prerequisites at Brookhaven, so I couldn't tell you who is good. I don't know anything about any of them... Sorry. :-(

I don't remember any of the Hesi dates or application deadlines. Take a look at the Brookhaven nursing website...it has all of the dates listed.

I hope you are having an excellent week!


Crystal, thank you for asking all those questions and Chelsea, thank you for answering all those questions for the rest of us that reads this thread and that are inquiring about the same things.

Crystal, I hear that Mason for micro is good. I'm taking micro at richland college but I hear from my End of Life classmates that Mason is a good teacher. Good luck!