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I just recently moved to the Dallas FW area from San Diego, CA and was wondering just how competitive it is to get into the Brookhaven Nursing Program. I finished all pre-reqs and general ed classes for an associates degree. My only concern is that I have a few C's. My GPA is over 3.0 but I'm beginning to feel like I'm not going to make it in here. In San Diego we took our Anatomy and Phisiology separately, each being a 5 unit course. Does this count for both A&P I and II here in Dallas? I received an A in Physiology, but a C in Anatomy. I haven't taken the HESI test yet b/c I didn't want to if there was no chance of me getting in already. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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You will have to schedule an appointment with an advisor with your transcripts in hand to see if your credits will transfer. With the C grades it would probably be better for you if they don't count to be honest. All of the nursing schools in the DFW area are EXTREMELY competitive to get in. Go talk to an advisor at the schools you are interested in and then proceed forward from there.

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