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Brookdale Community College ONLINE program


I recently completed the LPN to RN challenge program at Brookdale. Unfortunately, I only tested out of 160 and 161 (I hoped to have also tested out of 162, but that didn't happen). I will be taking 162 online evening in the fall. I'd like to know if anyone could tell me how the online program was. My first choice was to do evening classroom instruction, but unfortunately that was not available so I resorted to the online track. I've come to peace with this decision, but find myself questioning if I made the right choice. I also work FT and have a family.

If you did the online program:

1) Was it difficult?

2) Did you regret doing it online?

3) I know they don't want you to switch tracks during the semester. I was told that they will allow you to switch tracks for the next semester. Is this true?

4) Which clinical site is best to learn at for ONLINE students?

Any feedback received is appreciated!!


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I am a brookdale graduate and did completed the entire program through the online track.

1. Yes it is difficult, but so is the in class track. I did work full time through the program which was very stressful but is totally worth it when your done. One thing you miss out is the hints the students get in class for the test.

2. I enjoyed the online program, you learn the same material, its the same power-points as in class. The best thing is you don't have to drive to class (which is great during bad weather)

3. I am not sure about the track switching, I did the entire thing online and I learned a lot.

4. It doesn't matter which clinical site you choose, it really depends on if you have a good teacher during clinicals. You are mixed with people who go to class and online. I took clinicals at jersey shore, monmouth, and riverview. I had great experiences at all of them. I liked monmouth the best.

Good Luck--Don't be nervous about the online track!! (P.s-everyone in my online track passed nclex on the first try!)


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Online learning requires diligence but you get to view/ listen to lectures online, power points, there are also aids in the textbooks for practice tests and websites, ATI... I didn't have a problem with online, the lectures are pretty much the same in the classroom. If I had to do it again I would choose online. It worked easier fr me because I work nights and I listened to my lectures and did the assignments and studied at work. I do not believe they allow you to switch tracks after you chose but I could be wrong. I do not think it matters which clinical site you chose as this is only where you have to go twice a week not much to do with your studies. Private message me, I am going to be mentoring students in the fall and I have supplies, I just graduated in may.

i applied to the program, i took the hesi, went to the infomational session , now i'm waiting . i have so much questions..Please help someone


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Online was not any different than going to class... Other than the extra 'tips' the instructors pass along. Best advice is to get a good study group going from students in your clinical. Then you will get filled in on these tips and be able to share when you study and at clinical. Good luck to you! Brookdale is very challenging but very rewarding when you're done.

can you get in contact with me, not sure how to work web site, i'm getting readt to start challenge in may 2015

Hello khloe-Ashlee hope all is well im getting ready to take the hesi for brookdale. What was your experience with it was it hard? What was the content or question types? I have been putting this off for a few months while I finished up my micro but now it's time to stop procrastinating and get it done. I brought a review book but am still interested to find out any info I can before I take it! I appreciate any info you can provide! Idk how to direct message sorry! Thx in advance

Hello All,

Just curious for those have done the online program at Brookdale & worked full time--when was your clinicals?

thank you!

Hello, how many hours a day did you study? Also for test out what are the lab hours? I have a family and a full time job so need to figure out when I will be able to do this when the time comes. Also are the nurs courses difficult?

Hello, I'm interested in pursuing the online track. How many hours a day did you study? I work full time and have a family. Thank you!!