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I'm applying o the BRN for my ATT for the NCLEX and I will be sending transcripts from a previously attended school and realized I went by my maiden name while attending. Will there be an issue if I send them with the previous name listed? What do I need to do to remedy the situation if his is a problem? I emailed the BRN 2 months ago and haven't received a response, so I figured I would pose this same question to the allnurses community.


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On your application there would have been a spot for you to list past names you've used for education for this exactl reason. If you gave your maiden name, then you should be ok.

Also, my transcript had my social on it as an identifier. Did yours as well?


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Thanks for the reply!! I remember entering my maiden name on the application, but I don't remember it being in reference to education. They usually include that for background checks so they don't miss anything, I thought. Because of the BRN is known to get overwhelmed, I just thought they would never put two and two together and know my transcript is connected through my maiden name listed. I haven't seen my transcript, so I'm not sure if there is a social on it. I talked to one of my instructors today and she told me to send a copy of my marriage certificate and a note about why I'm sending it. I guess I'll do that as a fail safe and hope it works out!