British Columbia Nurses may have Gov. imposed contract

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There is speculation that the new Liberal government in

British Columbia will impose a legislated contract settlment

on the registered nurses in spite of the fact that 96% of the

nurses voted no to the wage and contract offer that was

proposed. It is indeed a sad day that we have our right to negotiate a fair contract taken away from us.

My biggest wish is that the nurses of Canada would jam up Gorden Campbell(Premier) Mr. Collins(Finiance Minister) and

Gary Moser(CEO of HEABC)with millions of fax's. Let them know

Nurses won't come to BC without competative wages and benifits

and what ever else the nurses want to let them know about bully tactics.


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Now tere is talk of an illegal strike, I have one question. I have just started in a new hospital and am in the middle of my probation. Can my new employer fire me on the spot if we go on strike?:confused:

I think it is time we take action, since the HEABC is not willing to give in, but I am worried about my new job, one I have wanted for years and I don't want to loose it!


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I can't wait to see how many nurses would leave the province if that happens.... I just don't understand the rationale in completely ignoring the demands of a bunch of professionals the gov't desperately needs to keep here.

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I am a nurse in NB!I am envious of your strike vote 96%!Wow!Our group here caved for a measly $1000 retro pay and terrible contract because they wanted an extra cheque for x mas!We'll never see that team effort here!I was so angry!You have my support.Good luck!:rolleyes:


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Marijke, ask your union rep. He/she should know.


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I am an American RN living/working (by Interim Permit) in BC (my husband is Canadian). I am scheduled to write my Canadian Exam on Aug 8th. I am still on probation in BC since I only began working three weeks ago. What an awkward situation. I am so troubled by the fact that persons with a grade 10 education are making just short of two dollars an hour less than me. I have watched the health care professionals here be demeaned and devalued by their government at great cost to the quality and availability of patient care and services. If the governent is not representing the healthcare personnel and they aren't representing the public whose healthcare is in jeopardy, who are they representing?

In America (where similar and even worse conditions sometimes apply), a viable solution has been found. Nursing unions of 23 states have signed in with the AFL-CIO (one of the biggest unions in the country). They now have some real bargaining power and strength. As individual state unions, they were disregarded, as part of a national union, they are being heard. I got this information via the net and hope it is accurate.

There's BIG money in healthcare in the States. I hear Canadians asking for private healthcare and it scares me. I went to nursing school, worked full time, and raised three kids with NO healthcare insurance for myself or my family. I made too much for welfare and not enough to buy insurance. Everyday people die in the States from lack of healthcare because they fall through the cracks of the system. Everyday people have to make choices about whether to buy food or go to the doctor. If BC Med ever goes then Canadians in BC will be making those same choices.

So, the government is considering taking away the rights of nurses to bargain? What next?



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If BC politicians took a 10% cut in wages and gave up their fancy perks, and cuts in their lucrative pensions, there would be LOTS of money for health care. It's out there, they just don't want to give it up. We can only hope Gordon Campbell needs emergency surgery (like a lobotomy) someday. Come to Vernon Gordon, we'd like to start you off with a really clean lower bowel.:eek:


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What really bugs me is the assertion that they have no money. Well, if the province is so poor then why did we all get that tax cut a few weeks ago? Did our fabulous premier even look at our financial situation before signing off on a tax cut? Did he even consider that preserving health care might be a little more important? Plus they always have money for crap like the fast ferries:(

I also don't like the fact that the union is making this ONLY about money lately. They haven't done a good job informing the public about the other concessions the gov't wants us to take.


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Your're right about the union. I'm sure the general public thinks it is only about the wage increase. The fast ferries - don't get me started. Not one person even got his pee pee slaped over that. Where's the accountability? Billions of dollars down the drain with just an "OOps!, did I do that" Can't you just imagine what the money invested in the fast ferries would have done for health care. In almost to much to fathom, and it makes me want to bring up a hairball. Fast ferries should have been brought up again and again in the election campaigns.There they sit on our west coast like a huge carbuncle on BC's face.

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