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I have worked in various radiology/cath lab/IRL departments since the 80's. I guess I've been lucky because radiology administration and techs have always welcomed nurses into their areas of expertise. They have recognized how we can work as a team rather than adversaries or an unnecessary expense.

Three years ago, I accepted a position in a cath lab/IR combo department. A little old fashion, but still doable. We are occasionally asked to assist in CT and US, however in my opinion, not often enough. I have been taught that "any patient who gets a needle, gets a nurse".

I am looking for advice/resources to present to radiology administrators that support the need for nursing care during all procedures or at a minimum: US guided thoracentesis and paracentesis. Often these patients are left alone with just the US tech as the radiologist leaves as soon as they start to drain.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, even if the conclusion is I'm overly cautious.

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A small publication I found after an internet search:

Also, the ARIN position:

Practice Guidelines & Position Statements | The Association for Radiologic & Imaging Nursing


You may have to continue a search for literature that, while not overtly stating a nurse should be present throughout the procedure, indicates the patient should be monitored by staff who are trained to identify s/sx of adverse conditions, and who are not also occupied with the minutiae of procedure performance.

Good luck!