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Hello, allnurses. Can you help me?

Today when I was at work, I stood up and all of a sudden saw little flashing lights in my field of vision. They almost looked like stars. It lasted about 20 seconds. It freaked me out as this has never happened to me before. One care aide says it happens to her once in awhile, prior to a migraine. I have been diagnosed with migraines but this has never happened before. Does anyone have any idea what it is and should I be concerned?

Thanks for your input.

Could just be some orthostatic hypotension type thing. Have you started any new meds?

Any other symptoms? Headache? Dizzyness? Lightheaded? Pregnant? Anemic? Any sinus congestion or allergies happening?

I'd watch it, as well as have your BP and blood sugar and possibly your blood count checked.

Happens to me quite often. I was told by my MD that it is orthostatic hypotension. I would see my MD if I were you.

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I would have to agree with the previous posts. Although it happens to me too often, I normally chock it up to no food and drop in BP all of a sudden.

Be careful and Take care:)


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Wow, thanks alot, guys...What are you all doing up so late! It is 12:30am in BC, so must be 4 or so there.

No new meds. I just feel tired, but no more than usual..... Had lab work about 2 moths ago, all norm. I will go to my MD, though.

Have a great night...


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Yep, Know what you all mean it occurs atleast once every other day for me just always thought it was the change in pressure

Does anyone else get real dizzy with it?


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Yeah it happens to me quite often. I get very dizzy too, especially when suddenly standing up or doing pilates and almost always see sparks of bright white. I have always put it down to staying very physically fit and having a very low resting BP. I have never had a doctor consult about it but maybe i should...?


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Perhaps you were dehydrated when this happened--I know it is hard to drink enough fluids when at work, sincce you are probably not assurred of getting regular potty breaks. But do follow with your plan to see you doc, and be sure that he/she looks in your eyes.

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what are we doing up so late??? Well believe it or not I was at work when I posted the first one and we were actually having a "GOOD NIGHT":):):) YEA!! I was showing one of the other nurses this site..and yup, she is addicted to it like I am!!

To answer the one question, Yea I get real dizzy too....oh well, chock it up to age?? LOL


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This happens to me with orth.htn and when a migraine is in the works-before the pain comes. But I also get the feeling of pressure under my eyes and loss of periferal vision with the migraine onset. So my guess is the same as everyone elses-orth.htn. check it as well as your blood glucose-do you get lightheaded too?

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I get this before a migrane hits.


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