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Breckinridge School of Nursing

So I am attempting this again. The last time I posted something all I received was information bashing the school some of which I researched and found it not to be true. So here is what I'm looking for so there are no mistakes;

Hello, I start classes on the 18th and I was wondering if anybody else planned on starting with me or was there someone already in the program that could tell me what it was like. Thanks

I guess it won't matter as far as people planning to start with me seeing as to how orientation is tomorrow & I'll meet anybody new attending then. Wish me luck.

I start nursing school this fall too (not the same school as you though) and would just like to congratulate you:) Good Luck!!

pjsmomstr, I have been curious about this school too! I decided against ECPI's nursing program because of the cost. I took the TEAS and was "welcomed" into their candidate pool and was set to begin their prerequisite courses but decided that it was just too much. What is the schedule like at Breckinridge? Also, what did your tuition come out to? I think these questions will help people make better choices so please answer if you can. Thanks!!!

I started on the 18th of June. So far so good. My teachers seem educated in their fields. My NU100 teacher has been a nurse since 68 and has open several urgent care clinics and ran West Suburban Hospital for many years in top of her work as a staff nurse. The tuition was 50 grand and while it is steep it's the best choice for me and my situation. I currently have class Mondays Thursdays and Fridays from 9 to 1230. It varies from semester to semester though no more than 3 days a week though. I have an 8 month old and I like that I can still spend enough time with her. No complaints here so far


Is Breckinridge Nursing School in Boise, Idaho..?? I am also have 7 mos old baby and want to go to nursing school... Thanx

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Which campus are you at pj?

I am attending Breckinridge in Tallahassee. I have been attending since March 2012. I am enjoying my experience so far. There have been a few bumps in the road, but I hear about bumps in every school. I agree that the tuition is costly, but it is what works for me as well. I am a married Mom of 3, work full time and attend classes 3 days a week. I am still able to be home on the weekends and help to pay our bills.

From what I can tell all of our instructors are very qualified and knowledgeable. I also like the concept that all instructors are there to help us. I know it is a business and the school is in it to make money, but I do not feel like a number. All students are encouraged to talk to one another and learn from one another. It truly feels like we are all on a team and in this together.

Good luck Pj in your schooling.......

I start this September. I have a 6 year old son and I have been in and out of school for over nine years!!!! finding a sitter is hard! I believe that this is the best choice for me as well. The cost of the school scares me! I have never even had that amount of money all at one time. Well, hopefully I'll make enough money as a nurse to pay them back #Breckinridge of Canton, MI

Good LUCK!!!! Anything is possible :)

I enrolled in this program back in 2010. This program is not for those who just want a quick degree. This is an accelorated program and can be quite difficult. Because this is still a relatively "new" program, there are changes being made quite often. For those interested in the nursing program, I would suggest do a lot of research and if possible ask current and past students for their input.

I do congratulate you on joining the program, some suggestions I can make is definately meet your other "upperclassmen", devote plenty of time to studying, and you will greatly benefit from using other resources for information other than just your instructor or textbooks. I use this site and drugs.com almost daily!!

So you started in June, how are you liking it so far? My 2nd quarter starts next Monday. :) I like my ITT campus (St Pete, FL) a lot.. our teachers are great.

Im going to start in June, how is the program going for you?


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