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Currently I am reviewing our breastfeeding care and have noted a serious woefulness regarding our lack of policies. In truth, we have just one policy that addresses breast care. Any ideas where I might easily find policies regarding breastfeeding? Even a topical list might be helpful. (aarrgg!)

BTW: I do realize that policies won't create advocacy . . . .


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Believe it or not, there are several good government websites on breastfeeding,

also check out Leleche league,


Get in touch with the lactation consultants in your area

Call other hospitals and get a copy of their policies.

Get the chief of peds involved too.


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I would totally be interested in what you find. I am working for a pretty baby unfreindly hospital!!!


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The WHO (World Health Organization) has developed the Baby Friendly

Hospital initiative, which encourages facilities to become baby friendly. They have developed a set of guidelines called the "10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding" (or something like that). In addition to the other ideas above, this might be a place to look into.



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Check the hospitals in your area and near you and ask for their advice and copies of their policies. Start by asking for help from their LC's.


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Also, check out the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine website at

They have a collection of evidence-based breastfeeding-related protocols to download.


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