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Breaking the contract with HCA

HeliRN HeliRN (New) New

when you start working for HCA as a new grad they generally make you sign a contract for 2 years in exchange for training. I know they don't generally make you pay them back for the training if you break the contract but I contacted parallon that is owned by HCA and wanted to sign with them, the recruiter told me if I break the contract I will be considered non workable and I will not be able to work for parallon or any HCA hospital. I'd that true? Anyone have experience with that? I am so tired of working weekends and holidays and just want to work per diem at a hospital, prefebly HCA..

Hi, It sucks to be in this kind of situation. I'm thinking that if a recruiter advised you of this, it's true. Since HCA and Parallon fall under the same health system, it wouldn't be entirely unbelievable that breaking the contract with HCA would disqualify you for chance of future employment at BOTH hospitals. So, yeah they may not request the money back, but they can kick you to the curve.

I broke a contract, paid it off....left to another facility and hated it....got hired back and paid back and just had to restart the contract where I left off. Just my experience.

Hi jaxjax, they actually made you pay it back? A lot of people told me they didn't. I am nervous about that because I am about to resign. My only hope is that I would be able to sign with parallon as an agency nurse later down the road.

yup, I had to pay back every cent. I thought the grass was greener, and it wasn't. my boss really liked me so she gave me another shot.

How long did you have left on your contract? What state do you live in?


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