Break My Contract?

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I started as a brand new nurse in February. Im just starting to get the hang of things and am doing a lot better. However, I work in a city with no family or support which is making me lose my mind. The place I live right now is a toxic environment and I need to find another place to life ASAP. I don't know if I should quit my job and move back home with family then start job searching there for another residency program? Or do I find an apartment here which is pretty expensive? I am lost and am torn between two decisions. Need advice. please help



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Wellll, it all depends.  Everything is expensive now smh, so there’s not too much wiggle room there. When you do search for your next apt/ house, scope out the area different times of the day to make sure it’s still nice.

 If you choose to go back home are  mommy and daddy aware.?  You know our parents miss us dearly but they live  totally different lifestyles once we get out the house LOL.  If this works better for you and your parents are down with it make sure you have a plan that they can agree with. Good luck

oh and definitely move, don’t stay anywhere you don’t feel safe…

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Depending on the state I don't think residency is a need thing I'm sure you can find another job unless you really want to work at the hospital and will choose happiness over being miserable and everything will fall in place so making a decision is better than no decision