Brain skills in methadone clinic

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I have an interview at a methadone clinic this week. I am currently employed at an FQHC and I’ve enjoyed it but am looking for something new. I have never cared about my “skills” like IVs or wound dressing, so I’m not concerned about that. I do, however, like to use my brain. I like to assess and I love to do patient education. I’m a great communicator. Those of you with methadone experience— how was your experience? Was it just, pour the med, hand it to to the patient, say goodbye? Or do you feel that you were able to use your nursing education?



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I work for a methadone clinic you use different skills. You still have to assess your patient for signs of withdrawal and sedation. Plus, you have to be mindful that when someone is sedated and they come for medication then this may increase the risk of overdose. We also administered CPR and narcan when someone has overdose in the building.