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Boston Medical Center 2015

Hello fellow nurses. I applied to Boston Medical Center new nurse trainee program back in May/June. In July I had to do a video interview that is uploaded for them to see. I got a call yesterday that they are moving me along in the process (18 or so positions they are filling with over 6000 applicants). So I have an interview tomorrow. It's only with HR and she said it will take a 1/2 hr. I guess just yesterday the managers were telling HR who they wanted HR to bring in for the live interview. Curious if anyone knows how much new grads start at BMC (everything I find is really out dated like 2008)? They asked for 3 departments I want. L&D 1st, Pediatrics 2nd, and I think ED was 3rd choice. Anyone else apply and hear back and are going for the next interview (live interview)?

Glassdoor says RNs make $54 something an hour (and that is from 4 or 5 reported nurse incomes). Now I know no new grad will make that high. I will be finding out more about benefits through an email today when the recruiter sends me directions on where I need to go for the interview for tomorrow. So I can at least report anything I hear. I live in Springfield, so it is an 1 1/2 drive. I have no problem with that since I am looking to relocate. I do not want to live in Boston though, for a 3 bedroom it is 2900-4000 a month. I can not afford that much for a place to live. Any information about good places to live around Boston would be greatly appreciated as well. Not saying I will get the job, but I like to plan for the best and if I don't get the position no biggie.



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I lived in Watertown and had a 2 bedroom for only $1200 a month. Nothing included. It was a triple decker third floor apartment in the more "industrial" part of town but I absolutely loved it. I worked in Jamaica Plain and I had about a 20 minute commute to work with traffic. Still, I loved being outside of the city in a community that had everything I needed for convenience but without the extreme price tag of the city.

I was hired at BMC in spring 2013 with just under a year of experience @ $32/hr. I worked with quite a few new grads, but never asked about their pay. I assume it was slightly lower. I believe it was a supportive environment for them, and opportunities to advance/transfer to other units are increasing there. Good luck!!!

Thank you. Do you know what the differentials are there? I just can't afford to live in Boston!

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It is a union hospital so all nurse wages are union scale. Springfield to BMC is way more than 1 1/2 hours in the morning. It can take 1 1/2 hours to get to BMC from the Allston/Brighton tolls on the pike if traffic is really backed up... which it always is in the morning. No salary would be worth that commute to me. I live six miles from Longwood, it can take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour + to get in in the morning.


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